Unity in Disasters, Inc.

Celebrating our 11 year anniversary this year "Over a decade of disasters"


Unity in Disasters 2019 Community Outreach Support Project

Annually we plan at least one community outreach project to support one of our partnering churches or organizations.  This year we provided 250 bottles of bodywash for Mothers Day Month  "Women of Worth " hosted by St James Missionary Baptist Church. Pictures from the event are below provided by Rev Dr John Young in which over 300 women were in attendance. 

We have partnered with Dr Young and the church since 2016 after Hurricane Mathew. 


Formal setting for Women of Worth 2019


Items beings sorted by volunteers 


Preparing gift bags for annual event. 

Unity in Disasters Mothers Day 2019 Outreach Project


Partnering with local business for our second 2019 community outreach


Over 25 Mothers Day gift baskets for homeless women's shelter.


We were able to fill baskets with hygiene products, make up, hairstylist, undergarments etc.

Volunteer Community Project


Child Care Facility Disaster Assessment Service


Our primary mission is disaster relief, combined with community education. This requires us to balance relief efforts and outreach efforts while addressing gaps in service. Currently, we are providing outreach services in Disaster Planning, which is slightly different from Emergency Planning. This service will be tailored to each facility based on P.I.E (Place, Immediate Site & Environment) and we will outline your Disaster Plan. This service also will include crisis mapping overlay tool for parents, staff and emergency management. Contact us
and see how you can support your community with this simple outreach project. 


Volunteer Team Project


Relief Kits Community Project


Unity in Disasters invites you to participate in a county disaster readiness project. In preparation for Hurricane Season, we are getting ready!!

- Select which preparedness kit your group wants to assemble. (Basic emergency supply kits)

- Select the items for each kit

- Once project is complete, you can store, or Unity in Disasters will store in our warehouse

- Your agency will be named on website and the kits listed as resource inventory. 

- Goal = 50 or 100 kits per group

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Donations Who -What -When & Why

Interview with President and Founder of Unity in Disasters.

30,000 Foot View


Disaster Relief Donations: Who, What, When, and Why

Often times the information disseminated related to 

disaster events is not always enough for people to know 

when to give and who to help. Organizations involved with 

key information and long-term recovery rely upon donations 

to help those with unmet disaster-related needs.

Immediate needs for food and shelter are addressed by the

organizations that must maintain resources to meet this need. 

Once the survivors are faced with repairs and rebuilding,

decisions after a few weeks raises the question of “Do they have enough money”. This question cannot be answered until insurance companies and governmental agencies complete their assessments, which vary in length of time.

Charitable organizations that help fill the needs for repairs and rebuilding are primarily based on donations. From 1989-2011, the total damages from weather related disasters were $220 billion, or an average of $15.7 billion a year. The year 2011 was especially vicious, with a record-breaking 1,600 tornadoes causing more than $25 billion in damages, surpassing records for the most tornadoes in a single month and daily. Hurricane Sandy was estimated at over $50 billion in damages alone.

The agencies that are part of the long term recovery are always at the mercy of donations.

They help with the under insured, uninsured, special needs population that include the elderly. In addition, people have lost their jobs due to long term damage and destruction of facilities as well as the psychological effects. 8/2014

Seven Scenarios of Support:


Unity in Disasters “Seven Scenarios of Support” in disaster relief are described by the time frames as follows:

1) 72 hours

2)   7 days

3) 14 days

4) 30 days

5) 90 days

6)   6 months

7) 12 months

Unity in Disasters, Inc participates in response in order to determine a more accurate picture of unmet relief needs that cover the first three scenarios. In addition, we participate in recovery through case management, which covers scenarios four, five, and six.

We created this concept to provide the communities with a better understanding of the stages and timeframes to help assist in their recovery from disasters.

This is a follow up to our previous article titled, “Donations: Who, What, When, and Why”.

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